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About Us

Story of My Food

Ever since I was a child, my mother inspired me of how good cooking could make everyone happy, especially me. I loved her foods so much that I became overweight. Cooking was my first passionate, especially my native Thai cuisine, one of the healthiest foods on earth. They are well known for healthy herbs, taste, and spiciness. All of the fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices used in Thai food cooking; such as basil, galangal, kha, lemongrass, kaffir leave, turmeric, garlic, and fresh chilies, are good for immune system and/or health disorder prevention. As I grew up, I ventured onto restaurant business. Then, I realize my desire for health conscious food, which led me to focus on an even healthier, natural vegan food, yet delicious. I hope with my extensive experience and learning toward perfection, would make you enjoy healthy meals forever and more.

-    The Owner’s Words